How to apply for UK spouse visa from Pakistan

When applying for a UK spouse visa from Pakistan, applicants may have concerns flooding their minds.

Some applicants apply for a UK spouse visa from Pakistan using the services of inexperienced consultants, resulting in their application being rejected.

Once your UK spouse visa has been refused, you will be able to appeal. It should be borne in mind that new evidence or documents cannot be relied upon in an appeal.

To avoid such disappointment, it is important to hire only the best UK immigration lawyer with in-depth knowledge of UK immigration laws and Home Office policies.

UK Visa Consultants with a team of experienced professionals assist their clients at every stage with authentic and comprehensive advice on the UK

Spouse Visa.

Spouse Visa UK allows an individual to get settled in the UK as he is married to a person with indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship.

What is the UK Spouse Visa?

A UK Spouse Visa is also known as a UK Marriage Visa, this type of visa allows UK citizens to call their spouses for immigration to UK because they are settled in the UK and married to someone who lives in another country. Married partners can study or work in the UK once they have been granted a spouse visa.

What are the requirements for a British spouse visa from Pakistan?

You must meet the following requirements if you wish to qualify for a marriage visa or spouse visa in the UK.

• Your and your spouse’s age must be at least 18 years old.

• You must be legally married and have met – this is the case with arranged marriages.

• You must have the intention of living together permanently.

• It is necessary to have good financial conditions to support yourself without claiming public funds.

• Your sponsoring partner must have enough savings or their earnings are over £18,600 per year to be able to sponsor you.

• You must have an adequate residence for your spouse, yourself, and any dependents.

• You must pass the English language requirements.

There are some other requirements for your spouse which are mentioned in the following points.

The supporter must be:

• A British citizen

• Present and established in the United Kingdom

• A refugee or a man with compassionate confidence

• Be at least 18 years old on the date of use

• The couple must not be within the precluded relationship level

• Most likely they met face to face

• Their relationship must be honest towards goodness and subsistence

• If they are married, the marriage or joint arrangement must be legal and established in the UK

• The past marriage or partnership, if there is one, must have separated forever

• They should respectively mean living in the UK forever.

Remember that some of these needs are subjective and the burden of verification is on the candidate to demonstrate that they meet them.
Applicants for the fiancé, proposed civil partner or wedding visitor visa must demonstrate that they are seeking a place in the UK to get married or to enter into a joint partnership within six (6) months of entry. Applicants for a fiancé or wedding visitor visa must also confirm that they will be leaving the UK after the marriage proposal. Fiance visa applicants can however apply to switch to a spouse visa after getting married in the UK to stay here forever.

Applicants for the UK marriage, spouse and fiancé visa should also check, despite these prerequisites, whether or not they are applying from a nation where a tuberculosis declaration is required.

Unmarried partners

In the event that the candidate and his or her companion are not coupled or married but rather are in a certified relationship as companions, they can apply for the unmarried partner visa on the off chance that they can confirm that they have respectively experienced a relationship in the same way as marriage or of the common organization for not less than two years before the date of use.

2) Necessity of suitability

“Appropriateness” handles issues related to criminal driving, “horrific character,” and unfavorable movement history. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the suitability requirements set out in Appendix FM at S-LTR and S-EC under the heading “Family Living with a Partner”. Those applying for a (freedom of passage) visa, should similarly consider whether their application might be rejected under section 320(11) of the Immigration Rules “if the applicant has already contemplated failing the objectives of these rules.”

3) Immigration status requirement

Applicant must not be in the UK:

  • As a guest
  • With a visa issued for one and a half years or less, unless leave is as a fiancé or proposed common accomplice, or has been permitted pending the outcome of family court or separation proceedings.
  • Likewise, the candidate should not be:
  • On impermanent affirmation or transitory discharge
  • In violation of traffic laws by ignoring any time exceeding 28 days or less.
  • British Spouse Visa Pakistan
  • You can apply for a spouse visa from Pakistan, abroad, or even from the UK.

If you are already in the UK on a work visa, fiancé visa, or student visa valid for more than six months, you are eligible to change it to a spouse visa.

What is the processing time for a UK spouse visa from Pakistan?

The standard processing time for UK spouse visa applications from Pakistan has increased to “up to 24 weeks” as the Home Office is currently focusing on issuing visas to people from Ukraine.

The latest developments on processing times can be found in the 2023 UK Spouse Visa Processing Times article, which is kept updated.
When priority service is available to applicants, it typically reduces processing time to 6 weeks or 30 business days.

Is spousal visa priority service available if we apply from Pakistan?

As discussed in the article on UK spouse visa processing times this service was reintroduced for new applications on 20 February.

What is the cost/fee for a UK Spouse Visa in Pakistan?

A spouse visa application to the UK from Pakistan costs 629,132 Pakistani Rupees. This figure is based on the conversion rate at the time of writing (1 GBP/340 Pakistani Rupees) and the Home Office application fee of £1,846.

British Spouse Visa applicants from Pakistan must also pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). The IHS fee is 637,993 Pakistani Rupees. This figure is based on the conversion rate at the time of writing and the IHS fee of £1,872.

Please note that, as discussed in our article on UK spouse visa fees in 2023, the IHS is expected to increase shortly.

The amount an applicant has to pay depends on the exchange rate at the time, as discussed in our article on UK spouse visa fees/costs in 2023. As a result, applicants will normally have to pay up to 10% more or less than the exchange rate indicated on Google.

Another additional cost applicants may need to consider is paying for an immigration lawyer.

Our full fee for legal representation is £2,250. This service is mainly offered by Ed Lowe and Matthew French (both of whom have worked in the Home Office for many years). This is a comprehensive service that involves us helping you with your application from start to finish to ensure you make the best possible application.

UK Spouse Visa History

You can extend your spouse’s visa for 30 months and this process takes up to five years total time in the UK. You can then apply for ILR (indefinite leave to remain) if you live with your spouse and are still married and wish to continue doing so. Once you have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), you can apply for naturalization as a UK citizen.

Spouse Visa Entry Authorization to UK

If you are seeking to enter the UK on behalf of your relationship with a British citizen, entry clearance must be the first step before coming to the UK.
English language requirements

As a spouse visa/marriage visa, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that they can understand and speak English.

You must meet the English language requirements in the following cases;

You are a citizen of a country outside Switzerland and the European Economic Area.

You are in a relationship with a person settled in the UK or a British citizen and wish to immigrate to the UK as that person’s spouse
If you do not have a degree/certificate taught in English and are not a citizen of an English-speaking country, you will need to pass an English language test from an experienced and approved test provider and if you are applying from abroad our team can arrange this test English speaker approved in your home country.


How long does a spouse visa from Pakistan to the UK take?

UK Spouse Visa Processing Times Overview
Usually, the average processing time for a partner visa is around three months. However, your application could take as little as two weeks, depending on where you are from and how you meet the requirements.

How much does it cost to apply for a British spouse visa in Pakistan?

UK Spouse Visa Application and Visa Fees

Question Type New Tariff (October 4, 2023)
Settlement (girlfriend/spouse) £1,846 (682,637 Pakistani Rupees)
Citizenship (naturalization) £1,580 (584,272 Pakistani rupees)
Priority service – outside the UK (for routes to settlement) £500 (184,896 Pakistani Rupees)

What are the requirements for a spouse visa in the UK?

What you will have to prove

you have a civil partnership or marriage recognized in the UK.

you have been living together in a relationship for at least 2 years at the time of applying.
you are a proposed boyfriend, girlfriend, or civil partner and will be married or entering into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of your arrival.

How can I bring my wife to the UK from Pakistan?

Get a spouse visa in Hong Kong. A spouse visa in Hong Kong is an entry permit issued to dependents. It is issued to those who will be entering the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) accompanying another individual who will be residing for work, business, or other purposes.

Can I apply for a UK visa for my wife?

You can apply for a family visa to live with your: spouse or partner. proposed boyfriend, girlfriend, or civil partner. child.

How much does a UK visa from Pakistan cost?

Standard UK Tourist Visa Processing Costs and Times in Pakistan. When you apply with us, the application cost includes our service fee of USD 224.99 and the UK government visa fee of USD 127.00 at the time of writing. Check the latest rates by launching the application here.

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