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If you decide to study abroad in Italy, you must know the visa requirements. The study visa depends on the duration of your study program in Italy. EU students do not require a study visa to enter Italy for study purposes. Non-EU/Pakistani students who want to study in Italy must apply for a study visa. The Italian study visa application must be submitted to the nearest Italian consulate or embassy in the country of origin, together with the required fee.

Italy offers student visas to Pakistani citizens, making it a highly sought-after option in Pakistan. Italy Study Visa Requirements for Pakistan. Many Pakistanis aspire to continue their studies at an Italian university, making it a dream come true for them. Statement for a student visa to Italy from Pakistan. The need for an Italian visa depends on your nationality when traveling to Italy. Italian Embassy Islamabad Student Visa Requirements.

If you get admission to an Italian university or institute, you can conveniently apply for a student visa. Italy Visa Requirements for Pakistan. Studying abroad has great significance in a person’s life, as it not only enriches us as individuals but also broadens our horizons and awareness. Italy student visa application form for Pakistan.

Types of study visa for Italy

Type C visa: the type C visa applies to study programs that do not exceed more than 90 days.

Type D visa: The type D visa applies to study programs lasting more than 90 days.

Italy Study Visa Fee in Pakistan

The price of an Italy study visa in Pakistan varies and can change at any time. The fee for an Italian study visa from Pakistan for the year 2024 is announced by the Islamabad embassy. Since there are two types of Italian study visas, the visa fee for type D is PKR 8,650 and for type C is PKR 13,830.

Visa application procedure for Italian students

The consulate of Italy is located in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. All consulates accept visa applications. After receiving your acceptance letter, the process of completing the required student visa documents will begin. Students who have requested admission to Italian universities are advised to prepare the documentation immediately after sending the documents. The steps to follow are as follows:

• Book an appointment

• Visit the official website and get the visa application form

• Choose the type of visa

• Complete the required documents based on your student’s visa type

• The Italian Embassy does not accept any visa applications with incomplete documents

• After completing the documents, visit the visa application center of the Italian embassy

• You need to bring the application form with all the required documents

• You can be guided by professional study abroad consultants in preparing documents to avoid delays and visa cancellation (visit our study abroad consultants section for details)

Note: It is imperative to organize your documents at least 30 days before planning your trip to Italy. Otherwise the visa will not be granted and delays will occur.

Documents required for the study visa in Italy

A duly completed, signed, and dated application form

Two recent passport-size color photographs (must be unaltered and with a white background), both photographs must have the applicant’s full name. Attach/paste one of the photographs on the visa application and the other cropped one on the back.

• Passport: must be valid for 18 months from the date of visa application (only machine-readable passports are acceptable)

• Letter of acceptance: the letter of acceptance from the Italian school, college or university must be attached to the visa application fee

• Teaching transcripts

• University fee receipts (if requested)

• Valid IELTS test scores along with a photocopy

• Family Registration Certificate issued by NADRA along with its only copy

• Boarding test in Italy

• Flight booking for segments of 90 days or more depending on the type of visa

• Travel medical insurance: minimum €30,000 for one year of type D and 15 days of type C visa (also attach a photocopy)

• Applicants Economic status documents required for the Italian study visa

• Affidavit from the sponsor for proof of financial support

• Recent bank statement of 900 euros

• Health insurance of 150 euros

• Evidence of the relationship with the sponsor

• Tax return details (for the last 2 years)

• Proof of sponsor’s income resource

Admission process to Italian universities for Pakistani students?

Once you have decided on the best study program for you and have also matched the university or college based on your chosen subject, the next step is to go and apply. Below are the best universities located in Italy:

La Sapiens University of Rome (Rome)

Polytechnic of Turin (Turin)

University of Padua (Padua)

University of Milan (Milan)

University of Pisa (Pisa)

University of Trento (Trento)

University of Florence (Florence)

University of Rome Tor Vergata (Rome)

University of Naples Federico II (Naples)

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Milan)

These are the world’s most popular universities located in Italy for international students. Applicants should be informed that they need to apply before checking the universities’ eligibility criteria for their specified or chosen subject. Please note that if you are not eligible, do not take the risk of applying because there is a 100% sure chance that your application will not be considered.

So, you are eligible to apply for admission now come towards the admission process in Italian Universities for Pakistani Students 2024. Most of the universities demonstrate online application procedures and it is very rare to apply after reaching the destination. However, for the convenience of students we offer the best study abroad consultants in Pakistan. These are registered consultants for Italy in Pakistan and they provide complete guidance on the admission process and studying abroad in Italy for Pakistani students.

Below are the documents required for admission to Italian universities

• Applicants must fill out the complete online application form.

• Candidates must attach no. 2 passport-sized photographs.

• Applicants must attach previous academic records or transcripts.

• Certificate of English language proficiency, i.e. IELTS or TOEFL (if required).

• Detailed CV.

• Personal statement.

• Statement from the financial system that will demonstrate that you are eligible to apply for the study.

Deadlines for applying to Italian universities for international students:

University d’Italia declares the deadlines for international admissions during the year and these vary from university to university and from study program to study program. Students should, per the application deadline, contact the university for the deadlines in which they wish to apply.

What is the cost of studying in Italy for Pakistani students?

Like all other countries, Italian universities are classified into two categories: public-sector universities in Italy and private-sector universities in Italy. The average entry fee for both of these categories is listed below:

• Public sector university

• From €850 to €1000 is the average annual tuition fee for Italian public universities

• Private sector university

• From €6,000 to €20,000 is the average annual tuition fee for Italian private universities

What is the cost of living in Italy for Pakistani students in 2024?

Typically, students come to meet living needs, including house or apartment rent, food, groceries and transportation. An analysis of the cost of living in Italy showed that students only need 700 to 1,000 euros per month.

How do international students find accommodation in Italy?

Accommodation is the main or serious problem our students face when living abroad. It is one of the basic needs for spending life anywhere. So, as all countries in the world show different types of moods of living, Italy also has the best of itself. There are two types of accommodation that students can generally get while living in Italy Campus Residence and Campus Residence.


How much bank balance is required for a student visa to Italy from Pakistan?

For Pakistani students who want to obtain a visa to study in Italy, the official requirement is up to 500 euros per month for one year. That is 6 thousand euros. But it is advisable to present a bank statement of up to 10,000 euros.

How can I go to Italy from Pakistan with a student visa?

If you are a Pakistani student, you will need a D national visa to study in Italy. This visa is specially made for students like you who are ready to start their study abroad adventure in Italy.

Is studying free in Italy for Pakistani students?

In most Italian universities, education is free for Pakistani students. Some universities charge annual fees of between 150 and 1,000 euros, which is also low compared to other European countries. Pakistani students can also apply for scholarships in Italy, which is the best option to study for free in Italy.

Is IELTS required for a student visa in Italy?

Can I get a student visa for Italy without IELTS? A. If you have an acceptance letter from a university in Italy that does not require IELTS, you can apply for a student visa in Italy. You will need the following documents: A valid passport and a letter of acceptance from your institution in Italy without IELTS.

Who has the right to study in Italy?

Admission requirements for studies in Italian universities
The admissions process for applying to the undergraduate level in Italy includes a 12-year educational background with standardized scores on the SAT or ACT. The minimum requirements would vary depending on the course you choose.

What is the success rate of the Italian visa?

Having a success rate of around 98%, applying for a student visa in Italy is one of the simplest.

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