Canadian Skilled Worker Visa:

Skilled people are those people whose education and work practice will help them find work and make a house for themselves as permanent residents in Canada. A skilled worker must have at least 1 year of full time work experience (37.5 hours per week or more) in the last 10ears in one of the occupations deemed acceptable according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Canada uses a points-based scheme which allows candidates who meet or go beyond the pass mark to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Visa. Presently, the pass mark has been set at 67 points. Your application will be judged on criteria including education, work experience, fluency in English and/or French ability, your age, and your ability to adapt to life in Canada. As well, you must meet certain criminal and medical requirements.

What can I do after getting this Visa?
The Canadian Skilled Worker Visa gives you with great flexibility in allowing you to settle wherever in Canada (except the province of Quebec) and follows any vocation after your arrival, including taking any job, pursuing further study or investing in a business. It is this flexibility that makes it the most popular chance for newcomers who wish to live and work in Canada.

Permanent Residence – You will have right of entry to Canada’s Medicare system (government-funded health care), subsidized educational system, and unrestricted access to the Canadian career market, unemployment Insurance benefits, Canada Pension Plan benefits and the option to contribute in tax exempt retirement plans such as registered retirement savings plans (RRSP).

Citizenship – You will also have to right to apply for Canadian Citizenship once you give surety residency requirements.

Sponsorship – Another important benefit of being a Permanent Resident is the chance to sponsor your close family relatives who may wish to join you in Canada.

Application Fee
The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee application fee for the Skilled Worker Category is as follows:

Skilled Worker (employee) – Application Fee $250.00 Canadian Dollars

Skilled Worker – Self Employed –Application Fee $500.00 Canadian Dollars.
This application fee is to be made payable to Island Investment Development Inc. in the form of a certified cheque, money order or bank draft and must be submitted with the application.

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