This page gives brief details of the Gateway Protection Programme for resettling the most vulnerable refugees in the United Kingdom.
The Gateway Protection Programme is operated by the UK Border Agency in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
The programme offers a legal route for up to 750 refugees to settle in the United Kingdom each year, and is completely separate from the standard procedure for claiming asylum in the United Kingdom.
Applications for resettlement under this programme are made to the UNHCR, who refers them to us. Applications cannot be made directly to us, to British diplomatic posts abroad or through other international organisations. All applications are assessed individually on their merits.
Once applicants have been referred to us, we carry out checks to assess:
their refugee status;

  • their need for resettlement (including whether their human rights are at risk in the country where they sought refuge, and whether they have long-term security in the country where they currently live);
  • security risks (whether the applicant has committed a serious crime or represents a threat to national security, for example);
  • their family status (including dependants and their relationship to the applicant); and
  • their health and the health of their dependants.
  • We may refuse an application if we have good reasons to believe that resettlement in the United Kingdom would not be for the public good.

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