The third tier of the new points based UK visa service is designed to cater for people immigrating to the UK in order to perform temporary low skilled work. The new tiers immigration service has replaced the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) and the Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) and will grant leave to enter the UK to migrants from countries with which an effective returns arrangement with the United Kingdom is in place.

We will supervise your application from start to finish and will give you a Tier 3 Low Skilled Migrant Visa, guaranteeing you that you need not apply over and over and you will get your visa in the very first attempt.

Particular requirements for Tier 3 Low Skilled Migrants Visa:

Due to the temporary nature of this tier, and emphasizing the difference from the first two tiers as routes to settlement, no Standard English language requirement will be imposed.

To reflect this, the appropriate level of English required in any low skilled worker scheme will be determined by the operator of an individual scheme who will also ensure that any migrants brought to the country meet that standard.
Competency in the language is of more importance to some industries than to others and whilst language skills may be important in an industry such as healthcare, in another such as agriculture they may not be so relevant.

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