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What are UK business visas?

The UK Government offers several attractive residency visas for foreign nationals who invest in a new or existing business located in the United Kingdom.

Business visas can allow you, as well as your dependent family to live and work in the UK and they are a reliable route to permanent settlement.

Residency rights under a business visa provide access to the same many benefits enjoyed by British citizens — both for you, and for your family.

These range from the financial stability and opportunity afforded by the UK’s modern economy, to world-class schooling and healthcare. Many of our clients particularly value the security and relaxed lifestyle found in the UK.

What are the requirements?

The UK offers a number of business visas designed to appeal to applicants with different skills, experience and resources. These visas include the Start-up visa, Innovator visa, Representative of an Overseas Business visa, as well as other routes.

The criteria and financial requirements vary by visa however the common principle is that you can qualify for residency by funding business activity in the United Kingdom.

We believe in being fully transparent and based on our significant experience we suggest that applicants should have access to at least £70,000 in order to demonstrate the ability to fund their business, cover all fees, support themselves, and therefore be successful when applying.

Most UK business visas also require English proficiency at CEFR level B2 or higher. We can guide clients how to prove or attain this standard.


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