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Family Visitor Visa
If you have been refused permission to come to the UK as a family visitor you should have the right to appeal. We can represent you on this matter. If you make multiple applications without addressing the previous refusal, this can affect your credibility. You should seek specialist advice first.
A visitor will be expected to meet specific conditions. The ability to demonstrate that there is no intention to remain in the UK beyond the period of stay issued, for example. Previous immigration history for the applicant and family members can be taken into consideration by the immigration officer. You will be expected to detail this information on your application, so it is important to be clear and descriptive where needed.
Visitor visas are often seen as straightforward and simple to obtain. However, it is quite common for these visas to be refused when insufficient evidence is provided to support the case. It may be that the immigration officer questioned your intention to return back overseas at the end of the visa. We will look at your case and advise you what we can do to manage the case for success.

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